Pet Theme Easter Basket Ideas for Easter Sunday: From Catnip Toys to Dog Frisbees Use Quality Pet Supplies for Easter

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When it comes to celebrating the Easter holiday, many people think of some of the traditional things associated with the day. These include Easter egg hunts, watching the Easter parade, going to Easter brunch, and diving into the goodies found inside an Easter basket. But just because the holiday is celebrated by humans, it doesn’t mean our furry little friends can’t have some fun too!

Create a pet themed Easter basket for the additional loved ones in the family. It’s fairly easy to make a cheap Easter basket with just a few supplies that can be found at any local pet store. Here are some ideas for Easter basket fillers.

Try Holiday Pet Clothing

Pets are cute enough as it is, but they become impossibly cute when they are dressed up for the occasion. Try to find a bunny costume for the dog or cat. Or a nice pastel sweater will go along way to spruce up the cat or dog. Be sure to take pictures and save them for the family newsletter!

Offer Holiday Dog Treats or the Best Catnip on the Market

Let’s face it, like humans, pets love treats. Fill the pet themed Easter basket will all sorts of goodies that dogs, cats and other pets love. Whether it’s greenies for dogs, catnip for cats or insects for frogs, pets will love the extra special treats in their little Easter basket.

Buy a Holiday Dog Toy or Holiday Cat Toy

Easter is another excuse to spoil the pets in the family a little more. Buy some new toy to fill the Easter basket. Frisbees and rope pulls are great for dogs. They can be used in the backyard or at the dog park. And every cat needs a new mouse now and again. Go one step further and get catnip balls or a scratching post for the cat to play with around the house.

Buy Special Dog Food or Cat Food for the Easter Basket

When it comes to dog food or cat food, many people give their loved ones dry food. Kick up the Easter pet brunch menu by adding some wet food into the mix for them. They are sure to appreciate the special treat.

Have the Children Participate for the Pet Themed Easter Basket

Even if they are still believers, mention to them that the Easter Bunny only leaves out treats and presents for humans. So as a nice gesture the family is making the pet their very own basket. Having the kids pick out the Easter basket fillers can be a great family activity.