M&M;’s Easter Baskets: Kids Candy Favorite Gets Better in a Gift Basket

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When it comes to M&M’s everyone can probably name the plain, peanut, and peanut butter flavors. But what most candy lovers may be in the dark about is that there are also almond M&M’s, a limited time Cherry, and crushed M&M topping that can be used in baking or to top off ice cream.

Along with this is the M-Azing bar that comes in both minis and regular as a smooth milk chocolate with delicious bits of M&M morsels in both plain and peanut butter.

If all this wasn’t enough, M&M’s can be personalized this Easter with the candy lover’s initials. Imagine the excitement when Bobby Joe or Darius Drake finds that his Easter treats have his initials stamped directly on the fantastic candies he’s been yearning for. But why stop at candy?

M&M’s Gear is Also Available

For the hardcore candy fan, this Easter can be complete with an M&M bedroom. Mars Co. offers an array of products between bed sheets, alarm clocks, and racing jackets. They even sell plush toys, perfect for cuddling with at night.

The only thing left to complement one’s Easter basket after this would be candy dispensers, and they have plenty with all the favorite characters. Green, Red, and Yellow are there, of course, but Blue and Orange can also be found. And if bedding isn’t enough, a pair of boxers to sleep in are also available.

M&M’s Also Has a Deluxe Version

For chocolate snobs proud to wear such a label, M&M’s has not left them hanging. Rather, they have released a line of premium chocolates by just that name: M&M’s Premiums, which have packaging worthy of such a title.

With flavors like Mint, Mocha, and Triple Chocolate, it’s hard to go wrong, but any fan knows that already.

On a last note about the Premiums, it should be known that these ones will melt in one’s hands, so buyer beware.

This Easter, remember that the fun is in family, friends, candy, toys, and personalization. M&M’s can handle the latter of these ingredients, and the parent who supplies them will have taken care of the most important parts.