Homemade Easter Egg-Shaped Candles

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Materials to Create Egg-Shaped Candles:

  • Blown eggshells
  • Liquefied candle wax
  • Vegetable oil
  • Thin paintbrush
  • 8-cm wick
  • Plasticine
  • Metal skewer
  • Wooden matches
  • Butter knife
  • Egg carton

Create Blown Egg

To create a blown egg, poke a hole in the top of the shell with the metal skewer. Rotate the skewer inside the eggshell very carefully in order to scramble the yolk but not crack the shell. Poke a second hole into the bottom of the shell with the skewer. Into a bowl, gently blow through the eggshell to remove all the yolk and whites. Save the insides for making an omelet for breakfast. Clean out the insides of the shell as cautiously as possible. It is essential that the eggshell remain intact.

Oil Inside Egg Shell

Chip away at the hole on the top of the egg to make it the size of a dime using the metal skewer. Make sure to remove all shell bits that might have fallen inside. Pour a drop of vegetable oil inside the shell. Swirl the egg around to coat the entire inside of the shell with oil. If necessary, use the small paintbrush to paint the oil on all the insides of the shell. This oil will ensure the wax does not stick to the insides of the shell causing ripples or unsightly bumps in the candle.

Colored Wax for Candles

Make the candles festive by adding pastel coloring to the wax while it is liquefying. Use the pastel color tabs found in Easter egg coloring kits and vinegar to make the wax any color desired. Be creative in choosing the colors but try to not mix too many colors, as this will create an ugly brownish-black when the wax dries.

Fill Egg Shell with Wax

Set the wick in a round drop of plasticine and allow it to set before moving on to another step. Once the plasticine has set, center the wick inside the egg. Pour the wax into the shell very slowly to ensure the eggshell does not break due to heat or speed. Hold the wick top while pouring the wax to ensure the wick stays straight. Place the wax filled shells in the egg carton to dry. Set two matches on either side of the wick to keep it in place.

Continue to check the candle as it is drying. Sometimes a well will form around the wick. If this happens, simply pour more melted wax into the well. This happens because the wax, as it cools, shrinks inside the shell. Topping the wax off is a normal process in candle making.

Leave the candle to set overnight, then crack the eggshell and remove it. Warm the butter knife in hot water. Use the butter knife to flatten the bottom of the candle. This flatten edge will be the base on which the candle will stand.

Decorate Egg-Shaped Candle

Decorate the candles with plastic flowers around the middle or a lovely ribbon carefully pinned around the outside. Make egg holders out of toilet paper rolls or set up a glass stand.

Be creative with the candles and the table centerpieces. Use the egg-shaped candles for most any celebration or decoration simply by dressing it how the event requires.