Easter Baskets for Babies: Fun and Practical Easter Gift Ideas for Infants

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Easter provides the perfect opportunity for doting grandparents, aunts and uncles or family friends to spoil the newest member of the family. Baby gift baskets can be filled with a variety of infant specific items.

Easter Baskets for Teething Babies

Teething babies love to chew on everything in sight. Forgo the traditional chocolate bunny and add in some fun teething items instead. Bunny-shaped teething rings will provide an Easter-themed toy that will give baby hours of soothing relief. Place the teething ring in the refrigerator or freezer before use. This will provide an additional element of relief.

Add in teething gel, homeopathic tablets and fever reducer for a functional but useful Easter basket surprise.

Easter Baskets With Baby Foods

An Easter basket filled with feeding supplies for the baby who is ready for solid food will please the parents and prepare the baby for his next milestone. Try to locate toddler-themed Easter plates and eating utensils that are decorated with the holiday theme. If those can’t be located, try to find Peter Rabbit or something similar. Easter egg-themed dishes are also fun.

The plate can be centered in the back of the basket and placed on end as a focal point. Place containers of baby food, teething biscuits and the eating utensils around the sides and front of the basket. An Easter baby bib will complete this Easter basket.

Easter Toys Baby Gift Baskets

An Easter basket filled with baby toys is sure to be a hit. Be creative when putting the basket together. Instead of a traditional Easter basket, consider placing the baby gifts in a wicker basket shaped like a baby bassinet that can be used later for small socks, hair bows or toys.

A small toy truck can serve as a baby gift basket for boys. The truck can decorate the nursery and hold small objects while baby is young and the baby can play with the truck when he gets older.

The Easter baby gift basket can include teething rings, squeaky toys for the bath and rattles. Soft squishy balls or fabric books also make nice toys for this age group.

Infant Easter Baskets

It’s easy to leave baby out when giving gifts to the various members of the family. Though the infant won’t likely care if she gets a baby Easter basket, the older children might be concerned that the Easter Bunny didn’t remember the newest addition to the family. The gift doesn’t have to be expensive and can be filled with necessities, but it will be enjoyed and appreciated by the other family members. Take lots of pictures so baby will remember his first Easter experience.