Easter Activities for Children

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Kids’ Easter Activities

Of course, an Easter egg hunt is one of the highlights of the day. If hiding hard boiled eggs, be sure to remember where each one has been hidden. As younger kids don’t always understand food precautions, you don’t want to take the chance of a child finding a long lost egg a week later and eating it.

If hiding plastic eggs, a fun idea is to make sure there’s something inside of each one of them. This could include small pieces of candy, stickers, tattoos, plastic rings, erasers and small toys. Currently, Party America is selling an egg filler pack with 24 small toys which sells for $3.99. Another idea is to put coupons inside a few of the eggs that can be turned in for prizes.

Many families have been hit hard by the economy this year and the thought of buying products for an egg hunt is pretty much out of the question. This doesn’t mean that kids can still create decorative eggs. Some plain cardboard from boxes can be cut in the shape of eggs. Kids can use crayons to color and make designs on the cutout shapes, then use them for a hunt.

Easter Word Search

Create a holiday word search for kids. This activity will help quiet kids down a bit while still having fun. A free one can be made at atozteacherstuff.com. The difficulty level can vary depending on the ages of the children. Suggested words include:

  • bunny
  • eggs
  • basket
  • Easter
  • hop
  • candy
  • chocolate
  • fun
  • family
  • Sunday

Easter Activities for Kids

Be sure to take advantage of all of the free, printable coloring pages available on the Internet. Crayola.com is a good place to get started. Crafts are always fun for kids. Here’s a simple one to make. What is needed is a white lunch bag, crayons, colored construction paper, scissors and glue.

On the upper half of the bag, have kids draw a bunny’s face. Be sure they include the eyes, nose and mouth. Cut out a set of bunny ears using pink construction paper. The ears can be glued on to the top of the head. Next, cut out a bow tie.

Pink construction paper can be used for girls or blue construction paper for boys. If wanting to stay neutral, use yellow construction paper. Once the bow tie is glued on and all the glue is dry, kids now have an Easter bag to carry around their holiday treats.

Let kids burn off some energy by doing the Bunny Hop dance. Even have the adults join in. Let children take turns being the leader, even if you have to play the song more than once. Games are also an enjoyable way to celebrate.

Kids love to do activities on holidays. The above activities are not only enjoyable for children, but will help keep them busy while celebrating Easter.